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If you don’t like reading long posts then GET OYSTER book app.

* recommendations
However if you have a few more seconds this is why I wholeheartedly endorse it. If you like reading or read because you have to-Oyster has so many books to choose from. If you are an artist or anyone with a hobby Oyster will probably pay for itself with the first 2 books (or 1) that you read. There are SO MANY ART BOOKS! Books on inking, comic making, watercolor, colored pencils, etc.
There are a crap load of categories too. Popular books are also on there, (Scribd I’m looking at you and your cheapo titles and premium previews!)
Anyway I can’t recommend it enough at $9.99 it feels almost criminal (but I’m so glad it’s legit!^ ^ )


Wedding Branding by Greg Coulton

Wow, I’m always impressed by skillfully executed pen/ink work.

(via hoploid)


A super random sketch, Untitled.

I would love to see the rest of this sketchbook~


Why did you even need to create a full language for a fictional universe? 

Here’s one way to stave off withdrawal from HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones: learn Dothraki. Linguist and language creator David Peterson (UC Berkeley & San Diego alum) talks with Salon about his work creating the Dothraki language:

"They started filling in gibberish for Dothraki and they realized it just wasn’t meeting their realism goals and it wasn’t honoring George R.R. Martin’s vision.

In a show, everything that’s happening on the screen has to be explicitly reified, whether it’s the actors in the background, the sets, the costumes. Everything that shows up on the screen or can be heard from the actors on the screen adds a conscious decision on the part of the filmmakers. And so that’s why they realized that it wouldn’t just pass to throw up whatever for the Dothraki, whether it was just being spoken in the background or whether it was being spoken in the forefront. You can’t have a narrator just jump in and say, ‘And then he said this in Dothraki.’ They need to actually be saying it.”

“You have to create the language of the misogynist”: Meet the man who invented Dothraki for “Game of Thrones”




hyphen (-) is used to join words (e.g., “mother-in-law”) or to separate the syllables of the same word, e.g., at the end of a line if the word doesn’t fit:imageNever put a space before or after a hyphen.

NOTE: When it comes to en dashes and em dashes, different style guides (e.g., Associated Press, The Chicago Manual of Style, Guardian) have different rules and preferences, so if you are required to adhere to a certain style, you should consult the appropriate guide.


Style preferences aside, an en dash (–) is slightly wider than a hyphen, and it usually replaces “to” between a range of numbers:image

  • Although it is generally viewed that a space before and after an en dash is optional, you should ask your teacher what he or she prefers.
  • An en dash got its name because it is the width of an n.
  • To make an en dash on a Mac, push option and - at the same time. 


An em dash (—) is the widest of the three. It can be used in place of a colon, commas, and parentheses:image

We can also use an em dash to express the source of a quotation:imageLastly, em dashes can show that a speaker has been interrupted. (This usage will come in handy if you’re writing dialogue or fiction.)


  • Similar to the first bullet point regarding en dashes, you should ask your teacher if he or she wants a space before and after an em dash; different teachers will give different answers.
  • An em dash got its name because it is the width of an m.
  • To make an em dash on a Mac, push option + shift + - at the same time.


The above explanations give you a big picture look at hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes. When it comes to the fine details (e.g., putting spaces before and after a dash), consult your teacher or his or her preferred style guide.


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Gorgeous~ especially the first

Hi - Mitch here from Pencil Kings…

We’re hosting the Figure Drawing Challenge again this year, with a brand new course from Sycra Yasin that’s designed to be a whole lot more fun than last year’s course.

The course is free for anyone to join, and 371 other people have already signed up for this year’s challenge.

For full in­for­ma­tion and to sign up click here

Here’s the short version of what this challenge is all about:

What is it: Focused study and coaching to make a big im­prove­ment on your figure drawing skills in just 4 weeks

Who is it for: Beginning & In­ter­me­di­ate artists that want to improve their figure drawing

When does it take place: June 16 - July 11, 2014 (yes, it starts tomorrow!)

Will there be homework: You bet! Ap­prox­i­mately an hour a day of drawing homework

What about coaching: We’ll be having a live coaching call twice a week to ask questions to coaches Sycra Yasin, and Satchel Winn

Is this the same as last year’s challenge: No! This year’s challenge is shorter, requires less study and has been designed to get you up and drawing figures fast. The course is also free for anyone to join, so feel free to invite your friends to join you on the challenge.

If you haven’t signed up yet - please click here and enter your email to get started.

See you inside!


Maleficent by dandelion-s
I just saw this movie and not for sure what I think. Visually it was gorgeous and I would love to have an art book based off of the movie. The story was so so but Angelina~WOW. I’m not necessarily a fan but had she not been in the film I don’t think they could have pulled it off. She was stunning in it.
I was thinking about doing a fan art of it then I saw this equally gorgeous pic over at dA and thought nah haha this artist already completely nailed it ^^


Beautiful hairstyle
Follow for more styles

Must remember to try this~! What a lovely style ^^